About Us

Talanta International is a private professional services company established in Tanzania, offering advisory services in East Africa. The services include development policy research, consultancy and training. Our existing and future clients span a wide range of development stakeholders including Government, enterprise sector, Development Partners, Research and Civil Society organisations. The company has a growing international network of professionals and a lean team led by Dr Josaphat Kweka, who is the founder and Chief Executive. Although Talanta International is a start up by virtue of legal existence, it boosts a wide network of associate experts and promoters who are well accomplished professionals, passionate about leveraging their experience and expertise to support prosperity of our country (Tanzania) and the region (East Africa). The company promotes the power of innovation in ideas and actions to support growth of the private sector and human capital as key levers of development and prosperity. Our approach is a blend of demand and supply driven interventions and our biggest asset is people, especially those who abhor mediocrity and see the positive side of an empty cup. We are a truly committed and determined team to assist development efforts that will break the chains of poverty by leveraging the power of partnerships.

Talanta International believes that, a desire for success can only be fulfilled if it based on an idea. Our pledge is improve your ability to think and transform your idea into action.

To become a partner of choice in search for development solutions.

To inspire innovative ideas with potential to turn challenges into action for enhanced prosperity.

We espouse Hard work, Innovation, Results-focused, Respect, Integrity, Trust.

a) Name of the Organization: Talanta International (T) Ltd

b) Legal establishment:
i. BRELA Certificate of Registration No. 123873
ii. TIN No. 129-401-915
iii. Business License No.B 2913899

c) Type of Organization: Professional/Advisory Services Firm

d) Main Areas of Business: Policy Research, Advisory/Consultancy Services and Enterprise Development.

e) Head Office Address: 6th Floor, Ngome Holding House, Mwenge Africa Sana, P.O. Box 77678, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.

f.) Name & Designation of the Responsible Officer
i. Name: Dr Josaphat Kweka
ii. Designation: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Lead Consultant
iii. Contact No. : +255-767 383 328
iv. Email: jkweka@talanta.co.tz

Talanta International is a professional services firm based in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, offering consulting and research services in East Africa. The company services can be categorized into three main areas: policy research, advisory services and skills & enterprise development services.

Our team includes a lean technical specialists led by Dr Josaphat Kweka (Lead Consultant, Founder and CEO) and a range of Professional Associates with specific expertize for meeting our Clients needs. These include:

  • Dr Daniel Ngowi (Development Policy Expert, Monitoring and Evaluation, Extractives sector specialist);
  • Dr Onesmo Shuma (Private Sector Development, Industrialization, Value Chain Development Specialist)
  • Prof. Flora Kessy (Social Policy, Gender and Governance Expert)
  • Dr Nishaal Goorunchurn (Economics of taxation, CGE modelling and Forecasting, Tourism economics)
  • Dr Martin Chegere (Agricultural and natural resource economics, Impact Evaluation
  • Mr. Muzafar Kaemdin (M&E specialist)
  • Mr. Solomon Michael (Research Analyst, CGE Modeling, and Industry studies)
  • Mr. Fadhili Sooi (Research Analyst)

The technical team is supported by a capable support staff that includes Mr. Patrick Chacha (Administrative Officer), Mr. Alfani Yusuph Kiondo (Driver) and Mr. James Lucas (Office Assistant).

Talanta International aims to share results and insights from some of its technical work except those with confidentiality (public disclosure agreement), and those with proprietary rights of the client. Updated highlights of our research findings, announcements of our training course modules and BDS offerings are regularly published on our websites.